10 Words of Encouragement for Pastors

Nowadays many pastors are being discouraged especially when they do not see the results they expected. That does not mean you were not called nor that ministry won’t work. But you must continue for He who called you is faithful. If you are a pastor, you must encourage yourself for you must continue in order to see result.

These ten points were shared with us at our pastors’ meeting by our senior pastor, Dr Wilberforce Oti. It was a big encouragement to me. So I wish to share it here on my blog. It is my desire you will find it encouraging.

  1. Choose your friends wisely but choose friends. It is a known fact that our progress in life is affected by those who go with us. And if you decide to go with Jesus, you will soon discover many people will no longer fit into your life. You must not befriend the world. At the same time you need some friendship. You cannot say you wont have       a friend. Choose carefully those who will help you fulfill your assignment in life.
  2. The church can never love your family as much as you do. Your family needs you more than the church does. If anything goes wrong, the church will find another pastor but your family cannot get another you. Give your family due attention and time. Serving God should be like the burning bush — it was burning but it was not consumed. Serve the Lord zealously, but God does not intend you to be consumed in the flame. Rather be a living sacrifice.
  3. You have influence, use it. Very often we find situations that challenge our ability to bring change. Even at times we encounter rebellious members. But you must not forget that you have influence. You do. Use your influence to bring positive change. Use it to snatch people from hell and pull them into the kingdom of God. Yet do not abuse your influence.
  4. If you protect your Sabbath, your Sabbath will protect you better. Create time for rest. Resting time is receiving time; work time is giving time. It is your refreshing, repairing and restoring time. It will prevent burnout and enhance creativity. Take time to rest.
  5. No amount of accountability or structure will keep you from temptation if your heart is impure. Pay attention to your heart. Set your heart right with God. The heart is the fountain of life, if any impurity gets in there everything else will be polluted. There are two environments that determine what a man does — the internal and the external environment. If you set your internal environment right and pure it will withstand every pressure from the external environment.
  6. Let God lead. It is God that does the impossible. No matter the circumstance you come up to, follow His lead and He will bring you through. Very often we assume we know what God will say and do only to realise we were grossly mistaken. Do not waste your time: wait on God and follow His lead. That’s fast.
  7. Keep Jesus the centre of focus in the church. Our denominations may have different founders and different nomenclatures, but they all belong to Jesus, every genuine instance of them. Keep Him the centre of focus and everything will fall in place in the church.
  8. Your personal health affects the health of the church. The life of the pastor grossly affects the life of the church. No wonder Apostle Paul urged the elders at Ephesus to take head to themselves (Acts 20:28). Make every effort needed to be sound physically, financially, relationally, and otherwise.
  9. The people in the church deserve authenticity. That is a scarce quality nowadays. The emphasis on personality and packaging has advanced the course of cover-ups. It even seems disadvantageous to be honest. Yet dare to be authentic. It will pay off on the long run. Don’t be someone you are not.
  10. You will never make everyone happy. If you try to, you will be unhappy. It is unproductive to try to please everyone. People respect the person who opposes them for their own good. When you focus on God and pursue God, people will pursue you.

I believe these tips have been of help to you. Go do exploits in Jesus’ name. Amen


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